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John and I have been caravanning for nearly fifty years mainly in the UK but after three consecutive years of wet weather when the children were small we went to France every year for seven or eight years. We then mainly stayed in the UK while we were working but since retirement twenty years ago have gone back to crossing the great divide every year for a six weeks break. In 2016 and 2017 we managed twice.

In 2019 I stupidly believed that Brexit would take place as promised in March so didn’t book a ferry until it had all settled down and 2020 and 2021 have been cancelled as far as going abroad is concerned. This sadly has had a knock on effect that John doesn’t want to tow abroad any more; three years of not going and advancing years have affected his confidence so it looks as if it will be the UK from now on.

Over the years we have worked our way up from a Sprite Alpine then a Sprite Muskateer which we kept for fifteen years via an Avondale Mayfly and Rialto, a Guist, and a Bailey Unicorn Barcelona to arrive at our present van a Coachman VIP.

We try to get away for at least twenty weeks over the caravanning season and when we are away our interests are visiting National Trust properties and local attractions and going on our ‘toddles’ which vary between one and three miles. Sadly, since having two hips replaced and John getting angina, we can’t do quite what we used to. Oh, the joys of getting old! My camera is always with me. We don’t do shops, town centers unless historic, and theme parks.

I do hope that you will find something of interest in the posts on here as they are aimed to let others know what we found of interest and how easy or otherwise it was to get there with a tin box on the back.

Where we have stayed abroad


Where we have stayed in the UK

48 thoughts on “About JennyandJohngocaravanning

  1. had to sopb by and say hello we’re Jenny and John in France! we did the camping apart form once when it rained so hard in Brittany we had to decant into a caravan.
    good luck with the blog and the travelling, we loved it so much we sold up and moved to France makes it much easier to visit Europe.

    Stop by and have a look at our site and if you ever drive through Brittany feel free to stop by and say hello 🙂


    • Hello Jenny and John,
      I am glad you stopped by. I have read some of your blog and found it really interesting and think that you are very brave. We have some people who live in our road who live half the year in Brittany and half the year back here so in one way I think that they have the best of both worlds and in another that they miss out when they are in the other place if you follow me.
      We have spent the last six years travelling mainly in the UK for about four months of the year but going home after about a month to check everything is ok. It was only last year that we spent six weeks in Brittany so I can’t see us back there for a few years but if we change our minds we will look you up. In the meantime good luck with the renovations.

  2. Found your site very interesting and I will come back and digest at leisure. I’m Greylag on the CC site.

    • Thanks Norman, I hadn’t read the article in the magazine when I suggested my blog so didn’t know that the site you are thinking of is north Brittany so not quite the area I was in so sorry for that. However I hope there are a couple of nuggets of information which are of use to you. We are on the German/ Austria border at the moment which is completely new to us and I have used the caravan chat forum and a couple of other people’s blogs to find out where to go. Have a good trip. Jenny

    • Sorry I have not replied earlier Dianne but I have not had internet access on my pitch as it didn’t seem to work. I have been using the free access on the computer in reception but although it would let me log into my blog it would not let me do anything once there! Anyway we had 5 days at Winkl following your recommendation. The weather was terrible but the woman in reception was perfectly civil and helpful unlike her reputation. We considered coming to you but my husband really didn’t want to do the extra mileage as this is already far further than we have been before. We then moved to Woferlgut near Zell am See where we didn’t leave the caravan for four days because of the heavy rain. We love this area but our enjoyment is being spoilt a bit by the number of roads locally that are closed owing to the damage done by the water coming off the mountains. I do hope that you didn’t suffer in the flooding through Austria and are enjoying your holiday.

      • Thanks for your update. So sorry to hear you encountered such bad weather. We were very lucky with 4 days of rain in 5 weeks. When we left Ossiach last Sundday it was still nice and blue sky and sun up to the Katchberg Tunnel then coming out of there it was quite different. Wet, Windy and very dull indeed. When we got to nearly the A8 Autobahn the traffic built up bumper to bumper we kept going for 30 odd miles which took us nearly 2 hours so we then decided to turn right and go North East on the country roads keeping away from the A8 and up to Neustadt an der Doonau where we found a nice Gasthaus for the night. It was still raining and kept on till early afternoon while travelling along the A6. Then the sun came out and it was very warm with cloudless sky for our 2 days at Prumtal Camping at Oberweis. Wednesday we left there for Calai through the Tunnel and home at 9 pm with sunny warm weather all the way and it has been ever since here in Suffolk for marathon garden clear up for the weekend…

      • I am glad that you are home safe although I don’t really want to know what great weather they are having in Suffolk; I get enough of that from my children! Actually the weather here has been lovely for the last few days. So glad that I read all your blogs and was inspired to come. Thank you.


  3. Hullo Jenny and John,

    Just to let you know that we are at the NetterrSee site and expect to leave for Italy on Sunday 9th.
    The site is excellent, especially now that the weather is good.
    It is worth arriving early to ensure the best choice of pitch. We pay an extra €1.5 for a comfort pitch, which gives own water and waste plus 16 A.
    Hope to see you before we leave.
    S and A

    • Hullo again, Thank you for the good report. I am afraid that we will miss you as we are not planning to go to Nattersee until Monday at the earliest and probably not until Wednesday. The first four days here we didn’t leave the caravan as the rain was so heavy and although our site was alright the roads around on the Sunday was nearly all closed owing to landslips etc. Even now several roads are still closed and yesterday we got turned back by two soldiers with big guns when we tried to go up one valley. We will take your advice and get a comfort pitch at Nattersee.
      If you get the chance to come to the Zell am See area I can thoughly recommend it.
      Enjoy Italy.


  4. Hi there Jenny! It has taken me til now to find you! We met you at Prumtal on the day we were leaving. We stood and talked outside the reception. Great to here your holiday went well. I knew your names, but could not find your blog anywhere until I read your last topic.
    Now I will read through it (again!) including your 2013 hols. That certainly was some storm
    at Prumtal! Never seen weather like it! It was the first time I had used a full awning, and although it shook a lot it held firm. Typical………lovely weather now we are home! I am
    ready to plan next years holiday to Austria. We missed Dianne Thompson by 3 days when we were there. Regards Graham and Yvonne

    • Hi Graham, lovely to hear from you. We weren’t there the night you are referring to although it was bad enough the next night when we lost the electrics. However John had to go to a local doctor later in our stay and he mentioned the storm and said that he had never in his life seen rain like it. You presume doctors don’t exaggerate.
      If you do read the blog you will see that we didn’t get out much at Prumtal because of John being ill so we are thinking perhaps not as far as Austria next year but back to Germany, I fancy the Rhine valley, and Luxembourg and maybe Alsace.
      If you do go to Austria again I can thoughly recommend the site near Zell as it was central for so much.
      Where did you miss Dianne?
      Regards Jenny

  5. Hi Jenny, sorry it has taken so long to reply. Hope you are both well,
    and John has recovered. We missed Diane at Prumtal. Apparently
    she was there 3 days after we left. We have not used the caravan
    since that holiday, different things have cropped up, and before you
    know it, here we are – in August! Must get out soon! Still planning to
    go to Austria next year but it will be a week or two earlier. We have to
    get back for Yvonnes grandsons birthday! Will go and check out Zell

    Regards Graham

  6. Hi Mum,

    Very impressed with your blog. Had no idea you had posted so much, well done! Maybe I can use it to work out where you are during the summer months… I think you should get on twitter so you can send alerts about new posts and give updates on your travels.


  7. Hi Jenny and John, Graham here, (we met you in Prumtal) Just read your detailed account of your 2013 holiday. You certainly get about sightseeing!, and as you say there are some wonderful places to see and visit. I liked the part where you were going the wrong way to Trier, and the occasions you got lost – I thought only I could do that! Where are you planning to go next year, and when? Regards Graham & Yvonne

    • Hi Graham, nice to hear from you again. I am so glad you enjoyed the blog. We all get lost don’t we?
      We haven’t decided completely on next year’s main holiday yet although I am trying to get John to agree to the Rhine in Germany as I fancy the walking, the castles, the grape harvest and the fireworks displays they have in September. I saw a Julia Bradbury TV programme about the area a couple of years ago and thought it looked great. It would be a new experience for us as we have only been abroad in May and June before.
      Apart from that we have to be in Dorset at Easter for a birthday celebration so will do something around that area for a couple of weeks and then who knows?
      What about you? Are you going abroad next year?


      • Yes, hopefully. Looking at Bavaria or Austria. It would be the farthest I have ever driven! I might try and talk Yvonne into going for a month, because I assume it would take about three days either way. Got to study the route also, dont like paying motorway tolls! It would have to be earlier as well as
        (I’ve run out of space – can’t add any more!)

        we missed her first grandsons first birthday this year by three days. I think I
        have finally heard the last of it! Can you still use travelcheques in September

        have finally heard the last of it. Can you still use travelcheques when you are going.

      • Hello Graham, I am sorry that I did not realise that I had not replied to this. Yes you can use travelcheques in September. I assume you mean the camping cheques but we found the ACSI sites a better bet for Germany and Austria as there were lots more of them. There are no tolls on German roads and they are very good. I agree that three days is a good idea for each way down to Bavaria or Austria but don’t forget you do need a pass for using the Austrian motorways. Don’t be put off by the long drive. It was our first time this year and we found it quite ok by taking our time and you are a lot younger than John!!
        We are still away in Yorkshire until next Thursday and then putting the caravan to bed for the winter. Roll on next spring.

  8. Hi Jenny, just returned from a CC cl site in Herefordshire (16 Caravans??) as recommended by Caravan talk member. Dont
    know what he is used to but I would not go again! Weather did not help. Started to plan for next years holiday 19/5 to 16/6. Doing the same as last year, just booking the ferry and leaving the rest to chance.Enjoy the rest of your stay in Yorkshire, regards Graham. (B

    same as last year – just booking the ferry, leaving the rest to chance. Hoping to be able to use the 21 camping cheques I bought this year. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Yorkshire.. Regards Graham


  9. Hi Jenny and John, A new year, a new holiday! I have booked DFDS ferry
    for 19th May. Going to Natterersee in Austria for a few weeks. Nothing booked,
    just doing the same as last year. Going from Dunkirk for a month, this time, more
    time for sightseeing, and hoping for better weather!
    Regards Graham & Yvonne

    • You lucky, lucky devils! I spent a fortnight pouring over maps and site details to rough out a trip down through Alsace, the Black Forest and back up the Rhine. Like you we don’t book but I like to know what is about and where I might want to stop.
      However, my arthritic knee is causing me problems when I drive so we are changing the car for an automatic which should be delivered in March and neither of us want to take a brand new car abroad. We have committments which prevent us going later in the year.
      So for us this year the big trip for six weeks is Scotland.
      I really wish you a very happy holiday. Do try that drive I mention in my blog near Nattersee because on a map you wouldn’t think about it but it was one of the most scenic of the holiday.

  10. Hi Jenny, replied yesterday, but cannot find it. So in case you did not receive it………. Sorry
    to here about your athritis. What a shame it has spoilt your holiday plans. Not quite the
    same, Scotland, is it? Don’t you trust a new car abroad? I was looking at Scotland for end
    of July maybe. I think I have finalised the route for Austria now. Dunkirk to Karlsruhe, Salzburg and Ossaich. Just hope the weather is better than last year!

    Regards Graham

    • Hi Graham, I so envy you. Gather you have been reading Dianne’s blog that you are heading for Ossaich.
      No, we don’t trust a new car abroad. Bit silly really because we always take out Red Pennant insurance but we will be happier when it has five thousand on the clock. In the meantime I have wanted to go to Scotland for years and John wouldn’t go because of the weather so there is a silver lining.
      Anyway hope that you have better weather than last year as you say.
      You will be able to read my blog of Scotland and decide if you want to change your plans about where exactly to go!

  11. Hi Jenny
    Enjoyed your update on Wells as its just down the road from us.
    We’re off to France in June but I do fancy Scotland so will look out for your update.

    • Thanks Andrea for responding. I think you are so lucky in living in such a lovely area. We couldn’t get over the amount of damage the storms had done. Where are you going in France? I am so jealous as we are not going abroad this year and I am missing it already. Have a wonderful time.
      Regards Jenny

  12. Hi Jenny, Been reading your blog again today, and the above email popped up!
    You are definitely not going abroad then? In January, I sorted out routes,
    itineries and everything else for our trip in May…..Then my hard drive crashed
    and I lost nearly everything. Had to have a new computer! Got it all sorted now,
    May 18th to June 20th. – Dunkirk to Austria. Have you got your new car yet, and
    are you still going to Scotland?

    Regards Graham

    • Hi Graham, I so envy you as no, we are not going abroad this year and I am missing it. I hope you have a fantastic time as I am sure you will. Sorry you lost everything in your computer crash but I always think the planning is half the fun so in a way you had the fun again! I had the fun back in December before I realised that we would not be going. We have got the new car and have just returned from our first trip towing with it and it towed like a dream so now regretting even more that we are not taking it abroad. We have arranged a couple of holidays in this country with friends and I had booked some CLs so we cannot change our minds. We are off to Scotland on May 8th and before that have ten days in the New Forest so I do have plenty to look forward to. Have a wonderful time and let me know how you got on when you get back.

      • Hi Jenny, you should have had more faith in your new car (lol), after all it is the same model
        as your previous one isn’t it? Have a great year. I will let you know how we get on and
        hopefully catch up with you sometime.

      • Hi Graham and Yvonne, I just wanted to say how sorry I was to read on CT of your loss. It would be a terrible thing to happen under any circumstances but made worse by being so far away and then for Yvonne to have to face it on her own. I wasn’t sure if it was Yvonne’s son who had died or her grandson but either way it is a tragedy.
        You had said that you were going to the Perpignan area on CT and when we went there in an unplanned visit I did wonder what the chances were that we would bump into each other again.
        We want to go back next year having enjoyed it so much this year, but John is adamant that he does not want to tow so far so he has suggested that we cost out the difference between driving and the ferry to Spain. Its certainly more expensive, but as he insists we use peage if he is towing it probably isn’t that much more.
        I wonder if that is an option for Yvonne if she doesn’t like the long drive?
        Anyway, my sympathies to her.

  13. Hi! Just found your blog from the CC website. Like you two, we both no longer go out to work and last year fulfilled an ambition to travel extensively in our caravan – the three weeks enjoyed previously were never enough! Our philosophy at the moment is that life is not a rehearsal and to do things while we are still reasonably fit and healthy.

    It looks as though we started our big trip a day after you and also with a stay at Black Horse Farm. Our blog is here…


    We took delivery of a new caravan (Conqueror 570) just over a week ago and tried it out with a few days on Anglesey before we head for Italy and Croatia in May – not for so long this time, expecting to be home in July before the mad rush. Can’t wait.

    I see you are planning to tour Scotland. During our early years of caravanning with two young kids, we spent many holidays north of the border, with Wester Ross being a frequent favourite on a simple site at Gruinard Bay. The views, aspect and surrounding area are superb but not so good if the weather is not kind. After several years holidaying in France, we did three weeks in Scotland in 2009 – my mother-in-law had died that year and we were not able to plan too far ahead – so another ambition was achieved in going ‘over the top’ of Scotland, taking in John O’Groats (day trip on Orkney), Cape Wrath, then down to familiar territory in Wester Ross and the Isle of Skye.

    Anyway, wishing you all the best for another memorable caravanning year.

    ‘Home is where you park it.’

    • Hi Lynni, Nice to hear from you. I have read some of your blog in the past but have bookmarked it now so that I can see what you are up to in the future. The start of your last year’s trip was particularly interesting to me as we have been to Brugge and Alsace and had several holidays in Luxembourg and were intending to go to The Rhine and Black Forest this year. Because we didn’t want to take a new car abroad and we have comitments later in the year we have postponed that to next year and then, all being well, I would like to go to Switzerland the following year. John thinks that Italy is a step too far but I will be interested to come back to that on your blog tomorrow to see how you got on. Like you we think do it while we can as who knows what is round the corner so, although six weeks is long enough in one go for us, we did manage 21 weeks in total last year. Have a good summer. Jenny

  14. Hello Jenny. I would just like to say a big thank you for those kind words you put on C.T. a few days ago. It seems they have got my blog off to a flying start with lot’s of visitors. My next chapter will begin on Sunday as I am off on the first leg of my journey to southern Spain. Frantically packing at the moment with so much to take for four months. Best regards, John

  15. Hi Folks–sorry to drop in out of the blue but we own a Geist LV 550 and like you we love it.
    Our problem is that we live in France and the local authorities demand a certificate of conformity before they will register or insure it.
    I needed one in the past for a Bailey and that was simple and a return e mail solved it.
    However I just can’t find anywhere to send for a certificate for the Geist.
    I wondered with our greater experience you might just have a lead I could follow?

    We love France but the paperwork even makes the Germans shake their heads.
    John ad Fay

    • Hi, I am afraid that I don’t know the answer to your question as we never needed a certificate. Elite caravans in the UK used to sell Geist and maybe an e-mail to them will bring forth some help for you. http://www.elitecaravans.co.uk
      They were manufactured by LMC caravans in Germany so they might be able to help also.
      Good luck with finding out.

  16. Hi Both,
    Like many onthe big we sold up and took to living full time in France.
    I think you have visited our region,the Auvergne Rhône Alps.
    We have an ancient Guist so heavy and well made that we no longer tow but leave it in Spain as a winter retreat.Best of both worlds.
    Benecassim s not one of your resting places on Spain but we highly recommend it especially in winter..
    Nowadays we spend December to April in the winter sunshine before migrating back to the Alps for the spring.
    And no towing which I never really mastered.
    Wish we had kept a blog like yours it is very interesting.
    A good read.
    John,Fay and Scrap the adorable bunny.

    • Thank you. We had a Guist for five years and thought it was the best built caravan we had ever had. We only changed it when we decided a fixed bed was the way to go and by then they were no longer importing them to the UK. Your life style sounds fantastic. Hope that you enjoy it for many years.

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    I’m having some mіnor security problems with my
    latest ѡebsite and I’d like to find something more safe.
    Do you hɑve any recommendations?

  18. We have been camping (tents) for 20 years whilst the kids were growing up and camped in the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Germany but most often France. We’re in our 60’s now and we are getting a caravan due the end of April, a Bailey Phoenix plus 640. So we are new to caravan ing but not to the wonders of camping in Europe. We will be practising initially in UK when possible this year and venturing abroad as soon as possible but realistically 2022.

    • I am sure you will enjoy it. When we took early retirement I was 58 and said that realistically we should have 15 good years and then every year would be a bonus. Well, I am on the bonus years now and my only regret is that we waited so long to go further afield than just France.

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